What's going on and what's for next step

📖 Schedule

  • 📅[Before 22nd Oct 2021]: Social Campaign($10,000 worth of CFS + 20BNB worth of NFT blind box) Airdrop is going now as you see 📅[October 23, 2021]: 📣Announce When Whitelist registration will be available,
Whitelist End time: October 28, 2021, UTC 9:00 AM
  • Winner announcement: 📅October 29, 2021
  • Pre-sale 📅: Pre-sale Begin(October 30), Pre-sale End (October 31, 16:00 UTC) (EST 12:00 AM)
  • Add LP in Pancake, allow trading: After Pre-sale ends, immediately

⭐️ Who will be winner in whitelist registration?

We have completely designed all the processes in order to make them fairer. We’re planning to create a more equitable circumstance for users.
The winners spread all over the platform/event below:
🎁Telegram airdrop campaign: 4%
🎁AMA events: 5%
🎁Whitelist registration: 83%
🎁Twitter campaign: 1%
🎁Reddit campaign: 1%
🎁Medium campaign: 1%
🎁Telegram Group: 4%
  • We will determine the final “accurate number” before the end date of whitelist registration. The advantage that we use a ratio rather than a specific number is we could arrange it more properly.
  • For example, if we specify number instead of ratio, The number is probably lower than the actual number of participants on that channel.

Details of the campaign(Updating)

1. Telegram Airdrop campaign:
CryptoForSpeed has developed a BOT to invite ppl to join this airdrop campaign. Referral system could be an essential way to win rewards.
Details of rewards:
💲Total for airdrop: $10,000 worth of CFS + 20BNB worth of NFT blind box 🔸$4 worth of CFS each for 2,000 randomly selected participants 👫$20 worth of CFS each for top 100 referrers 🎩$0.05BNB worth of NFT blind box as added bonus for top 300 referrers 👑$0.5BNB worth of NFT blind box as added bonus for top 10 referrers
Noted: This Campaign will end on October 22th, 12 am UTC! And the distribution date:29th November, 12 am UTC
*CryptoForSpeed will not release TOKEN and distribution to anyone before pre-sale. And CryptoforSpeed Team Reserve releasing after 100days, are subject to linearly releasing in 10 months, and release 10% every month, so we don't have a TOKEN until it has launched!
  • We will pick 4% of users randomly from this campaign.
2. AMA events:
We’re going to talk with some social group platform now, will announce the AMA date and details of that when we get it done. :)