Racing for CFS mining
"Racing" is imperative concept for mining
It's important to remember that the auto card needs to bind to the energy card which has not expired for mining(The Energy card need to be embedded in the Auto card), if you put it together, then you can put the auto card into the garage to start the "racing"(mining process).
A maximum of 20 cars(Auto cards) can be placed in the garage. When the auto card has been sold or the energy life is over, its position can be released in the garage. Otherwise, you can't pick up or buy a new car(Auto card).

How many times a user could mine per day?

Each auto card can get 4 "Racing" every day (24 hours in Europe timezone). After each race, it takes 60 minutes to recover from frozen so you can start "racing" again.
Players are free to decide when to start the "racing". The price during the "racing" determines the number of CFS players who can mine. The calculation formula is:

Quantity of CFS in a single "Racing" = (0.5bnb * 5% * 25% * The car's HashPower) / CFS real-time price

*For example, if the CFS price is 0.01bnb at some point, you tap the "Racing" button for your Tesla at some point, the Tesla's HashPower is 2, then you can get from one single "Racing":
(0.5BNB*5%*25%*2) /0.01 =1.25 CFS
As you see, you can get $CFS worth 0.05BNB per day!
Note: the number of "Racing" times can not be used in or accumulated to the next day.