Whitelist bonus
We are protecting the delicate balance of whitelist!
We will launch the whitelist event at 9:00 AM UTC, Oct 22nd!
This event will show its incomparable innovation as we did before, to resolve the conflicts between users' growth and missed the winner list. And we have prepared the surprise for you!

Surprise: Blind box for everyone!

What’s the last time you got to be a winner in the whitelist? How’s your experience of that?
To be honest, almost everyone just become active and busy, but this doesn’t actually move us any closer to final success, because the tasks just are advantages of ppl who are good at sharing or promotion. I mean that’s excellent of course, and we do need that, but how do we get the balance between the competition and fairness?
The question is to give all people the response when he/she accomplished all the tasks. So, you’ll be lucky to win in the final list, but you don’t need to be lucky to get the bonus from cryptoforspeed.
The bonus is Energy NFT blind box. Every blind box has one NFT Energy card, that can be loaded onto the NFT Auto card for mining! The NFT Energy card is worth 0.05$BNB, although it can’t be sold in the Game.
Let’s get a glance at this! (It will be present in the right corner )
If you accomplished all the whitelist tasks, you will receive a blind box when you login website the next day!
Here are Details:
Accomplished before 2:00 PM UTC, get a blind box in the next day.
Accomplished after 2:00 PM UTC, get a blind box in the day after the next day.
We will pick at least 83% of users from whitelist registration! (More rules will be published on 22nd)
Also, please pay attention to all the whitelist channels, join more campaigns, you have more chances to be the winner. (Check more details on the menu)