About Whitelist

Who will be winner in whitelist registration?

We have completely designed all the process in order to make it more fair. We’re planing to create more equitable circumstance for users.
The winners spread all over the platform/event below:
🎁Telegram airdrop campaign: 4%
We design the airdrop bot and hold it with some big platform to get large-scale popularization. 4% of users will be randomly picked from all campaign users to get whitelist registration as added bonus.
🎁AMA/YouTube events: 5%
All the AMA events and YouTube Campaigns will totally pick 5% of the whitelist based on rules(ann it in Campaign docs and Twitter), so users are encouraged to participate in the knowing process of CryptoFrorSpeed.
🎁Whitelist registration: 83%
The whitelist is mainly from Whitelist registration. Picked 83%. The details of this will be announced when it's living (Ann it in Tweet etc.) [live at 9:00 AM UTC October,22nd ]
🎁Twitter campaign: 1%
🎁Reddit campaign: 1%
🎁Medium campaign: 1%
🎁Telegram/Social/etc Group: 4%
Important consultants and volunteers include long-term advisors and DAO founders, regional community partners, Local Group builder(who are doing voluntary work not paid), others who have a special contribution. (If you do, contact us: [email protected])
  • We will determine the final “accurate number” before the end date of whitelist registration. The advantage that we use a ratio rather than a specific number is we could arrange it more properly.
  • For example, if we specify number instead of ratio, The number is probably lower than the actual number of participants on that channel.
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