NFT-Based Energy cards
That's essential for mining process
In the CryptoForSpeed, the auto card needs an additional energy card to participate in the CFS mining.
The combination of that is necessary binding frameworks for mining. So, The NFT energy cards determine the period that the card can go mining CFS benefits. There are 5 kinds of NFT energy cards, with an Energy Life(similar to battery life ) ranging from 60 days to 180 days.
Energy Life(similar to battery life)
After attaching the energy card, your auto obtains the endurance attribute and starts the countdown. When the energy life expires, the card will not be able to use in the racing(mining process). However, the card will not disappear, can still be used for trading and collection, and can be used in future game play patterns.
There are probabilities of all kinds of Energy cards:
there are 8 types of NFT Energy cards in the CryptoForSpeed. Named Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Uranus.
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