The simple way to get LP by BNB
Zip is the simple way to get LP in Pancake by buying with BNB.
As we mentioned before, users can get an NFT blind box by staking LP valued at 0.5 BNB, but some users may not be familiar with the steps of adding LP, so our devs have provided this feature for users, then they can get LP on the website with only 1 step!

How does it work?

Users can use Zip directly, like buying specific TOKEN with BNB.
As we know it, the LP means Liquidity Pool, there are two kinds of TOKENS in each LP, actually, the LP represents the special TOKEN like names "CFS-BNB-LP". So we put this process of adding LP on Pancake in the smart contract, so users can get LP by taping "Swap" on the Zip page.
If you want to get CFS-BNB-LP valued at 0.5 BNB, you just need to enter the Zip page and connect the wallet with Metamask, you can get LP in several seconds by using the BNB to buy it directly in Zip.
ZiP is imperative for starters on GameFi or GameFi, remove the complex steps in Pancake, integrate the steps to one contract interaction, users will thank this feature for a simple and easy experience.
Last modified 9mo ago
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