Key Features
It's essential for users to know about CryptoForSpeed
The innovation brings new ideas, CryptoForSpeed becomes a game changer!
CryptoForSpeed is an NFT-Based Card Game, and redefines the method and revenue of mining. Here are the points.

№1 Zero-Investment

CryptoForSpeed allows users to get blind boxes by staking LP instead of buying, users would have more incentives to join because they could unstake and get their LP back after 60days. Meanwhile, the more users join, the more liquidity the game provides. (More details in later articles of this series)
For better understanding, let's talk about this case:
Let me give you an example. If you want to get 1 blind box with an auto NFT card inside, just imagine what should you do on other platforms? You will connect your wallet and approve something and swap it, where is your money? Goes into game address, I’m not saying it’s not correct, it’s a normal process. But, we give it the new way.
In CryptoForSpeed, it’s simple, You should add LP in the Pancake firstly, the LP value is 0.5 BNB, so you add the LP and it’s worth 0.5BNB.
Now you can go to our website, and tap the button, the button with the function is not the purchase button you understand, the function of this button is to stake your LP valued at 0.5 BNB, then you can get 1 blind box with Auto NFT-card, you can use it to mine CFS TOKEN.
And, It is noteworthy that we developed a new feature named “Zip”,that collects those 2 steps,Combines the two steps into one,so you can get LP easier. Zip is our feature and makes this process easier for players, buying LP with BNB directly instead of getting it in Pancake. Btw, you can still operate it in Pancake manually if you prefer it. "Zip" is always a simple method for you here.
Player interpretation
There is a user's comment, which may help you deepen your understanding:
In other projects, you have to spend your BNB to buy NFT cards, you get NFT cards, while your BNB has gone. But in CryptoForSpeed, you can get NFT by staking LP, so users provide more liquidity for the market if more users join in the game.
But in the CryptoForSpeed, you spend 0.5 BNB value, get NFT auto card(0.05BNB value to get NFT energy card), And you can get it back after 60days, it's amazing, right? Yep, the value of LP after 60days may be changed, higher or lower than before, but it's better than you get nothing.
That's a totally innovative and amazing feature! Just think about it, you get an NFT Auto card with 0.5BNB, and you get an NFT energy card with 0.05BNB, you use them to mine $CFS then you can sell it in Pancake, after 60days(You probably get a lot of profits), you even can get LP back! Then you can sell your LP as well, you get more than you can imagine!

№2 Golded-Standard

CryptoForSpeed mining is based on ROI(Return On Investment) instead of using a fixed number. Let’s make it clear, The mining on CryptoForSpeed is a dynamic process with a flexible rewarding strategy. In short, you will get more CFS(mining TOKEN) when CFS’s price slid.
For example:
If the price of $CFS is higher than before, the $CFS players can get from the game is lesser than before.
If the price of $CFS is lower than before, the $CFS players can get from the game is higher than before.
The dynamic balance is a beautiful model and we designed the formula. And you can check it on "Racing for $CFS mining" phase, tap the menu on the left.