Frequently questions

What experience does the team have? Is code security reliable?

The team has completely designed and operated several projects include CoinFree/Car-simulator etc. Founders with rich experience come from KPMG、Amazon and other companies. Our code will be audited by the security agency, we will publish an audit report when it has been accomplished.

Why does CFS start by pre-sale NFT cards instead of pre-sale TOKEN?

By starting with pre-sale TOKEN, some non-gamer users will get valuable TOKEN in the early stage. If they do not buy NFT cards by playing games, but sell them in the market, it will put pressure on the price of CFS; By starting the pre-sale with NFT cards instead of the TOKEN sale, which can ensure that all users who participate in the pre-sale are real players, which is conducive to the development of the game and has a long-lasting positive impact on CFS.

In other gamefi projects, users need to buy NFT cards with TOKEN directly. Why does the CryptoForSpeed choose the method of staking LP to buy NFT cards?

In the world of defi, stake LP is usually used to increase income called liquidity mining(such as Pancake); As a real gamefi game, CryptoForSpeed allow users to participate in and obtain revenue by staking LP. It is noteworthy that users can get back the stake LP(BNB-CFS-LP) after 60 days so that get double value-added benefits of game + LP, which is also the main innovation of CryptoForSpeed.

What happens if all the CFS are mined

CryptoForSpeed is not just a racing game. The future target is to build a Racing blockchain game platform. CFS token will be used as the governance token of CryptoForSpeed for certain privileges, including Rights to cash flow: Protocols may charge a fee to their users. These fees are collected, and a governance vote can decide to distribute a portion of fees to token holders, akin to dividends with equities. Our product managers will consider establishing the DAO of CFS and it will be used in liquidity mining, pre-sale qualification, and other rights and interests of subsequent ecological projects.

Other gamefi projects will cause the income from mining to be lower than the gas fee with the decline of price and output, resulting in the collapse of the game. How can CFS avoid this problem?

As we mentioned In particular, the income mechanism of CFS is also one of its innovations. Revenue per single "racing" per card = 0.5bnb*5* 25% * (HashPower / real-time price of CFS).
Each auto NFT card can tap "Racing" four times for mining per day, and the Energy NFT cards with endurance time determine the number of duration days an auto can have.
The revenue of CFS is determined by the SpeedValue(HashPower) and energy life of the Energy NFT card. At the same time, the revenue from racing at different times is also different because the real-time price will fluctuate. In a word, If the price falls, the number of CFS from mining will increase, so the CFS total value obtained from mining is relatively stable.

Why not pre-sale on a third-party website

Because the pre-sale of CFS is not a general pre-sale, as we said before, the user who participates in pre-sale will get the LP token(Stake) and unstake it after 60 days(Get your LP back).
So, that means users get an NFT card for free if the LP token value is equal to or higher than 0.5bnb after 60 days. At present, the third-party pre-sale platform does not support this innovation of the pre-sale method.
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