YouTube Campaign
1. Creating new video for introducing us
You may check our video in website at first then you will have more insights
2. Please give us the link of your video and the snapshot of your Youtube account to help us verify.
3. Share the link of your video on other social media to get more visits for your video! All the Youtube must be viewed more than 200 times before it verified.
The reward for everyone: Every participant can receive $10 worth of CFS each, and get $100 worth of CFS each if this video gain community recognition and finally be tweet in official twitter!
Schedule of The Campaign
Oct. 17th 0:00-Oct. 25th 23:59 UTC
Distribution date: 30th Nov
We will start to process the information from Oct. 26th 0:00 UTC. The reward will be distributed in Nov, please be patient.
E.g. If you’re a YouTuber who has more than 1,000 followers, please contact us by email. In the email, please attach the link and the snapshot of your YouTuber account to help us make sure that you own the account. Our email address for popular YouTuber: [email protected]
The irrelevant email will be blocked. Fill your information in this form:
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