Discord-Referral Campaign
Update new campaign information

We're going to launch Discord campaign now!

Invite as many of your friends to our Discord & win $CFS airdrop rewards!


🏆1st Prize: $CFS worth 800$
🥈2nd Prize: $CFS worth 500$
🥉3rd Prize: $CFS worth 300$
🥳4th-10th place: $CFS worth 100$
🎃11th-25th place: $CFS worth 50$
🎁25th-50th place: $CFS worth 20$
All those who invite more than 15 members get an NFT-based Energy card! !
Tips: You can check the leaderboard anytime & your rank using ‘-leaderboard invites’ in leaderboards channel
You can check the number of invites you or the specified member has by using ‘-invites [@user]’ in leaderboards


1. Rank is determined according to the number of people who joined our server from your invites.
2. If we detect multiple fake bot accounts joining through your link, you will be disqualified. This will be enforced absolutely strictly. And will be Banned in all social platforms.
3. The contest runs till 12:00 UTC 22th October. The leaderboard and the standings will be fixed at that time.
4. The rewards will be distributed in $CFS tokens. The distribution will happen at least 3 weeks after the public sale event. The avg. daily price on the day of distribution will be used to calculate the appropriate number of $CFS tokens for each reward.